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Hacker finden – Wissenswertes

Finding a good, professional hacker, pentester or IT forensic expert is something that many companies are currently endeavouring to do. But where is the best place to look? And why are the services of hackers needed at all?

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What is a hacker?

The term „hacker“ tends to have a negative connotation. Strictly speaking, a penetration tester is simply a person who is very familiar with computers and everything that goes with them. Unfortunately, these computer experts mainly make headlines by hacking into company networks without authorisation and sometimes causing serious damage. The motives behind their actions vary greatly. Many simply want to get rich, others are out for personal vendettas.

Despite all the negative things we hear about pentesters, we often forget that they can also do very good work for companies. This is why many companies now want to hire a professional hacker.

Why do many companies want to find an IT forensic expert?

IT forensic experts work for companies to uncover vulnerabilities in their computer systems and find out to what extent they can be exploited. So ethical hackers who use their knowledge for good are called „white hat hackers“ or „ethical hackers“.

Companies that know where the security gaps are in the network can do something about them and protect themselves from truly criminal attackers. This saves them a lot of trouble and financial and time expenditure. So it’s no wonder that many companies want to find a good hacker.

Where can you find professional hackers?

Many people and companies have heard about the benefits and want to find a hacker themselves. However, many do not know how and where this is possible. The following options are conceivable:

Hire ethical hacker through job offers

If the company knows a successful white-hat hacker, it can of course simply make him a job offer. This is probably the easiest way to find a penetration tester or IT forensic expert, but it also has a disadvantage. It may be that the hacker has skills and knowledge from a criminal past. However, it is important to remember that everyone can change. Just because someone attracted negative attention in their youth because of DDoS attacks does not mean that they have embarked on a criminal career. Instead, they have practical experience and can empathise with attackers. Finding a penetration tester who can do this is a great stroke of luck for companies.

Finding hackers in your own company

Most companies have IT experts. This provides the opportunity to find a hacker here too. There are often one or two employees who know their way around so well that they could actually work as IT forensic experts. That’s why it never hurts to look around your own company for suitable candidates. There may even be someone who has already discovered a security vulnerability.

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Hackers as service providers

Nowadays, hacking is increasingly becoming a service profession. Many companies want to hire hackers who can help them improve their network security. Professional penetration testers who offer such a service to companies should be appropriately qualified. The following certificates are available:

Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC)
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEA)
Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Companies should look out for these certificates if they need a qualified hacker.

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